8515 Greenville Avenue, Suite N-209 Dallas, Texas

About Rockhaven

Rockhaven Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency specifically serving the needs of refugees in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For those who have fled an oppressive foreign country with hopes of starting anew in Dallas, Rockhaven Ministries can provide necessities like food and clothing, as well as counseling. In addition, through Rockhaven Staffing agency, refugees, immigrants, and members of the community-at-large who are looking for work can receive job training and–ultimately–job placement.

By utilizing community resources, Rockhaven Ministries aims to empower people, meeting their practical and spiritual needs through a holistic and compassionate approach. No one is turned away. Rockhaven Ministries exists to bring hope, strength and safety to people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex who need help adjusting to the American way of life and obtaining employment so they can be productive, purposeful members of society.

Our Mission

We bring hope, safety, and strength to the refugees, through cultural integration, awareness, education, arts, and the media.


We believe in human justice.  We believe in fairness and equality.  We believe that no one seeking freedom should be left destitute.

Together we can create a culture where people escaping from armed conflict, torture and persecution are welcomed, supported and given the opportunity to build their own future.

Our Essential Purpose

We work with refugees to build new lives for them.  We are there throughout the difficult and complex asylum journey.  By empowering people through information and advice we help them make the right decisions about their future.  And we won’t stop until there is an asylum system which treats everyone fairly, respects people’s human rights and leaves no one destitute.

Who do we support?

The people we support have challenged injustice, stood up to oppression and courageously left their homes behind to escape violence and even death.  They are the heroes of human rights.  And they deserve to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.