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3-24-2016 8-58-14 AM

Health & Wellness

There are people throughout the United States living in food deserts -- places with no access to fresh food.  If you live in a food desert and eat the wrong types of food, you may end up getting preventable diseases.

Rockhaven offers social services to help people get food stamps and the like.  While we can't change where you live, we can give you access to the food you need to live.

Rockhaven believes in wellness and promotes good health in the following ways:

  • Annual Health Fair
  • Refugee Event: Feast of Hope
  • Meals provided by Rockhaven, periodically


Education & Counseling

People living in poverty are more likely to be brought up in communities with a lower level of schooling.  The trend of poverty has been proven to run throughout families and the people who grow up in it are more likely to have low-wage jobs throughout their careers.

Rockhaven is on a mission to break the cycle.  We offer employment events, seminars, and counseling services to break that cycle.  Rockhaven is committed to pairing people up with good jobs.

  • Women Empowerment Series
  • Youth Empowerment Series
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Pathway of Hope
  • Refugee Event: Summer of Hope


Housing Preparations

People living in poverty are less likely to live in good housing situations.  They're more likely to live without the amenities most people take for granted like heating, cooling, and electricity.  Rockhaven is on a mission to make a change.

Rockhaven works with housing authorities around the communities we serve to provide people with safe, inhabitable places to live.

  • Back to School Kickoff
  • Contact for Housing Preparations


Spiritual Enlightenment

Rockhaven isn't on a mission to push spiritual beliefs on any of the people we serve.  With that said, Rockhaven is a faith-based organization and we do subscribe to Christian beliefs.  That influences a lot of what we do and how we do it.  We offer optional prayer meetings and other religious events to the people we serve.  We do consider God an essential part of what we do, but like we said, the following events are completely optional.

  • Concert of Prayers of Willing Workers
  • Spiritual Counseling also Available